Etna Tours & Wine Tasting.

Mt. Etna Tours

The short MT. Etna Volcano tour with the old Sicilian village of Castiglione Siculo plus Alcantara Gorge.  Today we drive up from Nicolosi side, north Catania, let me invite you to rejoice this unique and spectacular itineray. Geological tests suggest that Mount Etna initiated activity around six hundred thousand years ago. After millennium of eruptions the 'mungibello' boasts of more than 400 craters spread over 45 kilometers square and stands a mighty 3350 meters, making it the tallest active volcano in Europe.  Visiting Mount Etna is a unique experience in the whole world.  While you can go skiing on its safe slopes in winter and cooling off the warmth of the Sicilian summers at its peaks, during spring you can perform a matchless practice where you can go skiing in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. We can start at 9.00am from your stay, proceeding  to Nicolosi, a village south of the mount, where you can see the lava flow from the great eruption of 1669 who destroyed Catania in totally, and also other one of 2001 which miraculously stopped at the gates of this village. After, we climb to 2000 mt. to stop at Refuge Sapienza for visit Silvestri Craters, where you can have an easy-going trekking, suitable for most fitness levels, then next stop in   Zafferana Etnea  to the east of the volcano to admire the flows of 1979, 1982-83 and 1992. During this way you can enjoy the unusual changing of the landscape from dark volcanic atmosphere to chestnut and pine forest green. At Zafferana Etnea we take you to savor what Sicily is best known for. Here you can taste a selection of different honeys, cold pressed Sicilian olive oil, sun dried fruit and vegetables. Then we drive towards Castiglione Siculo Town, very interesting to see the area of the castle Lauria from where you can admire a fantastic scenery of the valley and the stratolevel rock that shows us the work of the Teutonic plates in Sicily after we drive to visit The natural canyon of Gole Alcantara is made of angular gorges up to fifty meters tall, and wide two to five meters, likely the result of ancient earthquakes. With the river of the same name running through them, they are part of the Gole Alcantara Botanical and Geological Park. After all this we go back in Taormina.

 Mt.Etna Volcano & Wine tasting in Etna Winery, Gambino or Murgo.   Pick up from your stay at 08.30AM. we will enjoy a leisurely journey until the small town of Zafferana placed on South/East of Etna, here visiting the historical centre, with a nice walking tour we can tread the local streets to can enjoy some local products, after we continue our journey, first we stop at the lava flow of 1992 that stopped to run just next valley to Zafferana, after this, some views of this lava flow 1992, then drive up to Silvestri Craters at Refuge Sapienza 2000mt. during you'll admire different oldest aged lava flows, also our drive it is inside an unusual mountain landscape for Sicily with forests of Chestnuts and stately Pine trees, in a short time we will meet an scenery more Volcanic, I would like to say magical, almost lunar ... we will do several stop in nice view points in order to give way to take pictures. Once we are at 2000mt. you can visit Silvestri Craters who of this line are in seven, where you can walk on the top line of them and explore it, from here i can show also the oldest lava flow of 1669cs. that distroied Catania and one more..last biggest on this side of 2001. Later we drive towards a Winery to enjoy a visit where also you can savoring the Sicilian hospitality with great Wine tasting in a fantastic scenery, 5 wines plus very interesting Sicilian Lunch/Brunch that will give you a choice to have many different tasting of our home made food, great way to meet Local life style. 

Enjoing Wine on Etna.

Vineyards Etna Tour.  

Briefly describing the Sicilian “Wine area”…The wine is an unique nectar of God with fragrant scents that really intoxicate the mind and its distinct tastes awaken the senses. Thus begins the amazing trip of discovery a tradition that takes place every year surround of the highest volcano in Europe, with a special ritual of the harvest. A journey to discover the wines that have created the history of Etna. The origin of the wine production on Etna has deep roots and reaches the twelfth century BC when actually the inhabitants of the volcano favored the crops of black grapes.

This custom has been passed down from generation to generation, from father to son and the varieties of the classic "vineyard Etna" have seen the prevalence of black grapes on the white. The bunches of the dark leafy vines, that descend from the lava landscape framing the slopes of the volcano Etna.



The existing journey of taste that we can enjoy now was unthinkable a few years ago and became available at present time only thanks to the genuine hard work of many Etna wineries and their continuous development. The protagonists of this experience are the cultivars of red wines that were grown on Mt. Etna such as Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio mantellato or Cabernet and the Alicante that is better known locally as the synonym Grenache. 

The intensive cultivation of the white grapes was launched actually in the beginning of 1900s and were represented by a patchwork of local grape varieties such as Carricante, Catarratto, Inzolia, Grecanico and Minella. From the blend of these grapes, with the prevalence of Carricante, was born the Etna Bianco (Etna White DOC.)  In addition to written above, not be amiss to say that the Etna volcano soil is great also for cultivating olives, fruits, hazelnut, pistachio and what ever we can imagine... it is the soil enriched by the fallen ash. The combination of high altitude, volcanic minerals and the particular microclimate create absolutely terrific results of unique flavors and great wines. Sicily represents in the world the convergence of many cultures and are evident in the food and the history of this place.

What we are going to do….is to enjoy with calm just one of this winery or two or all three, I will adapt at your needs and time.  

Let me  suggest to start from your place at 10.30am. We will drive towards our first local Etna Winery where will be possible to visit the vineyards, cellar wine, accompanied by a local wine expert and after this start you will enjoy the wine tasting ( 1 white and 3 red ) with small Typical Sicilyan Brunch ( Local Cheese with some vegetables ).

Then approx. at 12.30pm. we drive direction Milo, our second stop where you also will have opportunity to make a visit to the vineyards, cellar wine, accompanied by a local wine expert and after you can have the wine tasting ( 2 white - 2 red - 1 sweet ) and Typical Sicilyan Brunch ( Local Cheese and vegetables ).

One time you are happy and already finish we can follow further… if you would like of course to visit the third Winery  where as well you are welcomed to attend the vineyards, cellar wine, accompanied by a local wine expert and later to enjoy the wine tasting ( 1 white - 3 red ) also one more Typical Sicilyan Brunch( Local Cheese with some vegetables ).